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PR and adversorial politics

No axe to grind and no regrets!!

Resident and stomaching tax burdens since 1971, even though I choose to deny myself the right to vote in UK parliamentary elections. Politicians and business managers do not always speak the same language!!

Adversorial politics is deeply engrained in Westminster Village.

  • Rotten system?
  • Expenses scandal? 
  • Vulcanic Cloud?
  • BA Cabin Staff Strike?

Lets sort out the deficit and remind ourselves that the Greek European rescue package announced yesterday is a move which has reduced the sense of peril.

Is Nick Clegg teasing his political opponents?

Not in my opinion. Never met the fellow, but he shares the anglo-dutch heritage with me. There is a time for fun and games, but not now, with such a huge deficit. Lets reduce and not confuse matters further!!

A New Opportunity...and stability!!

None of us like uncertainty - it simply is not good for business and the bond markets. If the Tories and the LibDems cannot reach agreement by the end of today, a government of national unity is the only viable alternative. Labour needs a period in opposition and cannot be part of a stable coallition.

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