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Voting for policies

There is a website on which you can take a 'survey' in which you respond to policies (without being told which party(ies) espouse each policy).

You are then told which party's policies most closely match your views.

Interesting!  You may be surprised by the result!



An alternative view

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johnjenkins | | Permalink

Surprised isn't the word for it.

The only problem is that you have to pick the set of policies that is nearest to yours. So while one set might have 4 that you like and 3 you don't like, another may have 3 you like and 4 you don't. Which really backs up my theory that the people of this country want a coalition because they like and dislike bits of each party.


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I dont want a weak coallition government - but I do need a selec

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There are parts of Tory policy, parts of Liberal policy, parts of UKIP policy, and even certain aspects of BNP policy that I feel are needed.  Oddly I can't find a single thing I agree with Labour about - so I guess I'm a tactical "anti-Brown" voter then.


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Can 184K people be wrong?

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Kept refreshing the results screen, to make sure I hadn't misread it.  Maybe a load of Greenies are sitting there 24 hours a day, ticking boxes?

Bit too late I fear but there is some hope for the ones still around in 2110?

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Can 184K people be wrong?

Posted by Paul Scholes on Mon, 26/04/2010 - 19:31





Look how many voted labour at the last election - and boy were they wrongggggggggg.

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Does anyone want Clegg to have any say in governing our country

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Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has called for the NHS to be broken up.

In an interview before he became LibDem leader, Mr Clegg said the party should 'break a long-standing taboo' and consider replacing the service with a European-style insurance system that would end the principle that healthcare is free at the point of use.

Mr Clegg said: 'We do want to break up the NHS. We don't want to privatise it, we want to break it up

Read more:



All parties have good policies, and bad policies

Anonymous | | Permalink

I don't think Labour have done too bad a job. There are lots of policies that were wrong, obviously, but I think that overall they have done a better job than the Tories did during their stint.

If you are going to knock politicians for the wrong decisions, at least give them credit for the right decisions.


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johnjenkins | | Permalink

If you want to compare the Tory reign with the Labour reign the end result is the same, credit crunch, recession, call it what you like. Both parties unable to control bank greed.

The big difference is that Labour (GB) boasted how we would never return to boom and bust. GB even admitted that he should have had more control over the banks.

Although my results came out at 44% for BNP which means 56% didn't. None came out in favour of Labour.

Interesting results but the only thing I am sure of is that I will not be voting Labour.

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sue scherzo | | Permalink

The 'compare' was very interesting....and not a meerkat in sight!

My results came out largely libdem, however where I live nobody -either locally or nationally- is bothering to campaign at all, I find this very disappointing but the area is tory controlled so perhaps they think it won't make any difference.


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Right wing

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Hmmmmm - it simply recommended that I vote for Genghis Khan - so I guess that means I'm not likely to vote Labour or Liberal.

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