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The 'wash up' this week

This week we shall see in Parliament the 'wash up' where a number of Bills are rushed through their final Parliamentary stages and receive the Royal Assent.

Some of these Bills are likely to be truncated, with contentious parts removed, so that they can receive cross-party support to be passed with very little debate.

Amongst the Bills likely to receive Royal Assent this week are:


  • Bribery Bill
  • Children, Schools and Families Bill
  • Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill
  • Crime and Security Bill
  • Digital Economy Bill
  • Energy Bill
  • Equality Bill
  • Finance Bill
  • Financial Services Bill
  • Flood and Water Management Bill
  • Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants etc) Bill
  • Personal Care at Home Bill
  • Sunbeds (Regulation) Bill

One might wonder if all of these Bills can receive adequate Parliamentary scrutiny before being approved.  But that is how things work in practice!


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The only "bill" most people are interested in

cymraeg_draig | | Permalink

.is the bill that ought to be sent to every MP for the money they stole from the taxpayers.

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Apparently casualties of the truncation to which I referred in my main post include the above inflation increase in tax on cider, changes to the tax treatment of rental income from holiday homes, the 50 pence charge on telephone landlines, the phasing out of hereditary peers and a referendum on changes to the 'first past the post' voting system.


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