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You are the chancellor...

See how you would balance the budget here:

PS cutting public sector pay means fewer HMRC staff so probably longer call queues...

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Great fun. I managed to balance the books but was not happy at some of the cuts I had to make - but I scrapped the NI increase. Couldn't get the "faster deficit reduction" model to balance unless I cut almost everything!

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Couldnt try the questionaire as for some reason it refuses to lo

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There are a couple of things I'd like to cut - but I think using halal slaughter techniques on McBrown & his fellow crooks might prove just slightly illegal.


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I did have to sign into first

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And if you're not registered they want your details (it's free of charge) - but I find their weekly email about the FT weekend quite interesting and it has prompted me to pick up a copy now and then. I'll see if we can link to it without using sign in - tomorrow when the techs are about.

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