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lost file

I have a file with links to other files. I have been using it for several months but yesterday I was unable to load the file, that is I was unable to see the any of the file contents, no file name appeared at the top and the ribbon was greyed out. However when I closed excel it asked me if I wished to save the file.

Copying and renaming had no effect but if I found the file on "search" the contents showed in the preview panel.


Can anyone help?







lost file

Kericho | | Permalink

thank you for your help

Lost file

kchuttun | | Permalink


Have you tried it on a different PC ?

Also try a different user to login and try opening the same file.





Hidden window

femfrater | | Permalink

Check that you haven't hidden the window by mistake.  If you go to the view ribbon there is an icon for "Unhide" which won't be greyed out if there is a hidden window.

lost and now found

Kericho | | Permalink

Im so grateful, I had hidden it inadvertently. Having looked up and down the ribbon on several occasions it is not at all obvious that the "unhide" is a live button.

It would have been hours of work re-writing formulas and adding links.

many thanks,



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