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Petty Cash with Running Balance

Does anyone have a spreadsheet (Excel) template for Petty Cash, with a running balance column ?

Tried several times to create my own,  but  main problem is the imprest (top up) from the bank.    

Can maintain the running balance from the total of the expenditure columns,  but have not managed to include a test that also works for the imprest column cells.  crash.gif

Hope you can understand this request.   confuse


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Is This What You Want?

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How I would do it is to have 3 columns, as well as a column for date and details.


Col C                   Col D                    Col E

Expenditure      Cash top up         Balance

Items in columns C and D are amounts. Column E has a formula copied into each row:

Balance previous row less expenditure plus top up

The Excel formula might be:





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