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The Christmas Gadget Countdown starts here!

OK everybody, we've published the summer's Technology Top 10 list. The rationale behind that particular thread was to look at important items for work rather than pleasure. There may well be allegations of favouritism and backroom lobbying, but that's all part of a good debate!

We also had some suggestions such as the Logitech Harmony 1100 all in one remote control recommended by Matthew Mulgrew that didn't make the Tech Top 10, but would rate as strong contenders for the more consumer-oriented gadget countdown Nigel Harris puts together in December. So far smartphone crown looks like it is developing into a fight between HTC TouchPro and Apple iPhone fans.

What other gadgets, toys and gizmos do you think Nigel should consider for the Christmas countdown?
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

PS - I'm going to the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin next week to do some field research. Let me know if you've heard of something you'd like to know more about and I'll look into it


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A cross between Bond and Dick Tracy

Jon Wilcox | | Permalink

I'll start things off. This is Orange's new phone watch:

Anybody got a spare few hundred quid?


Jon Wilcox
Technology Correspondent

My Christmas wishlist

Jessie | | Permalink

I have been desperate for an Amazon Kindle ebook reader since they came out in the US over a year ago.  It is rumoured that we may get it in the UK before Christmas, although it won't work in quite the same way.  There is a larger version which is aimed at students for use with technical journals so that would be perfect for carrying a technical library with you.  It can also download electronic newspapers and periodicals and has the advantage over its competitors of being able to download any of the large number of Kindle-format books from Amazon.

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We have a Sony e-reader

RebeccaBenneyworth | | Permalink

My hubby swiped it - I thought we had bought it for family use on holiday but it seems to be "his" on the basis that he took the package from the postie.

It is lovely to hold and read, and can download PDF's although they are not ideal if base don an A4 format. The books come from Waterstones, but he has been downloading from something called The Gutengberg project, which intends to upload all books ever published in electronic format. he has loads of old novels on a variety of topics and loves it.

I want one now!

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Vote early and vote often

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

(that's if you're Rebecca Benneyworth, who's put forward several great suggestions during the year).

The 2009 Christmas Gadget Countdown is up and running properly now, with strong representations for various smartphones coming from Aweb and the other Sift Media communities.

We're still mortified at over losing the accountant v entrepreneur joke off earlier in the year, so do your bit for the Aweb community and put forward your nominations for the accountant's ultimate object of desire this Christmas.

PS - Due to the somewhat passive nature of this discussion group, executive peripherals editor Nigel Harris is now publishing his traditional rundown of the contenders in the GadgetZone blog. In the new year, we're thinking of retiring this discussion group, but will not do so until we've given members a chance to have their say about it. I'll post a separate thread about that when things quieten down a little.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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