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A Gadget to make life in December and January easier!


The gadget that comes with ReceiptAngel.co.uk is pretty cool anyway - it's a nifty handheld scanner that does anything from Tesco receipts and business cards to a full A4 without fuss.

But together with the  'BacklogBuster' offer - to take away the problem of clients turning up in December and January with bags of receipts for entry - it could be a bit of a life saver!

See http://bit.ly/4PG77U for a pic and details.




Where can you buy the scanner without Receipt Angel?

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Or was this just a free advert for Receipt Angel?

Thanks bejames

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Get it here for £60

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Looks like a great little product

Get it free!

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It is a greay product - that why we've adopted it and buit an even greater service around it!

So - following the tradition of 'never knowingly  undersold' ....

Here's a discount code or two:

 rscanneralone2009 will get you the scanner for £59.00 - at 



 rangel3m will get you three a months subscription - with scanner inclusive for just £99.00

The latter also comes with a money back gurantee - if you decide within 30 days you don't want the service just return the scanner in original pacakging and good condition and we will refund you!

Call 0844 8844 943 for more.

How does that sound? 

Oh - and give us a call Chatman on the number above and we'll sort you out a free trial for pointing this out!





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