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iPad launch

Well - it's here....how many people have been out and bought the latest "must have" gadget?

It's not a mobile phone replacement - as you can't make calls  - and not a replacement for serious business use...so what business uses have you found for the iPad so far? And are you doing anything with it that you are not currently doing with your laptop or mobile phone? Which extra accessories have you found you really need too? Let's have your views and comments.....


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I know the original post was made some time ago, but has no responses so I'll start:

I got an iPad in November.  It has two main functions for me:

1. When I am out consulting it is easier to carry around and can have all of my presentation material easily available. When doing presentations I can actually be holding it with my notes on, very helpful indeed.

2. Relaxing: Able to spend the odd five minutes playing a quick game is perfect after a days work and not having to fire up the laptop is a blessing.

Not a piece of kit that everyone needs, but it does have some good usese.

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I have an Ipad2. I  owned an Ipad earlier and there isn't much give or take between the two.

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Ideal when I don't need a laptop

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For client visits when I know I'm not going to be doing anything that needs a 'proper' computer, my iPad still lets me.....

  • Access my emails
  • Access my diary (synchronised over the internet with office system and wife's diary)
  • Access the internet/research, etc.
  • Read a book/newspaper on the train
  • Take notes in meetings
  • Enter timesheets/expenses, raise bills, and email them. (I use a cloud-based bookkeeping system)
  • Refer to documents at the client (via Dropbox or the like)
  • Access Twitter/LinkedIn

I can do all that and replace my monster laptop bag with a slim little A4 sized shoulder bag.  My back really thanks me by the end of the day!

..and, that still leaves playing the odd game or watching a movie or TV show.

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