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New name and focus for this group?

Welcome anyone who has just dropped by as a result of my Any Answers post. This discussion group has always been a little quiet, but with the return of Jon Wilcox to these shores we thought there might be an opportunity to use it more as a research facility for info on broadband and mobile technologies and apps, with more emphasis on things that matter to businesses such as functionality, cost and reliability.

How does the concept grab you? Do you think there's scope for a group of like-minded individuals to chew over these topics for the greater good? And if you do - what do you think we should call the group to reflect the new orientation?

Depending on your feedback, we'll make the switch around the we go to the new version of AccountingWEB to ring the changes.

By the way - if you are more interested in slightly less serious commentary on the world of gizmos and what we like to call "executive peripherals", the Gadget Zone blog will live on with contributions from Kevin Salter, Nigel Harris, Jon Wilcox, Gail Purvis and others.

If you don't think the balance of our technology coverage is right - let us know here and we'll do what we can to cater for your needs.


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Group: Gadget Zone
The place to discuss the your thoughts on executive peripherals, and other forms of gadgetry.