the word itself implies more headline grabbing and less delivery.

the chaps who have to be managed by all these chiefs, dave hartnett; bedford etc.etc. are eternally on the recieving end of reorganisations closures and relocation notices by the department at the behest/advice of highly paid managment/it consultants who sell the name strategy to these HMRC cheifs.



they are totally out of touch: and couldnt do an inspectors job if they saw one;

The attitude at the department remains guilty until proven inccocent and 9 out of ten times they are writing to their "customers" and not the agents over a matter the agent is dealing with thanks to those highly paid management consultants.

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I think you are a little too kind really.

There is no evidence AT ALL that HMRC listen and ACT on anything we the oppressed serfdom say to HMRC.

I keep telling them how eeeeasy it is to save money while improving 'service' but they don't give a monkeys because they have a monopoly. it's funny how much similarity there is between HMRC 'customer care programme' and any uk bank.



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