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A request for Rebecca -

Why dont we have a series of polls on points raised?

Perhaps starting with a simple starting point - Do you have any trust in HMRC yes/no.


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Thanks very much for the suggestion, CD

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Yes, I'll ask John to set up a poll on Monday; excellent suggestion. I'll try to set up one poll a week for now and then review in a month or so. I'll set up a thread to report the results of the polls after the first week, so we have a record of how the votes went each week.


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A good idea, but the questions have to be carefully worded if only a yes or no response is allowed. CD's example is a poor one in that respect. My answer would be yes - I do have some trust in HMRC. Not as much as I used to, and not as much as I should have but I could not truthfully answer no. From my conversations around the country, I suspect that the large majority are in the same position (I'm quite prepared to be proved wrong) - but a majority 'yes' vote would give quite the wrong impression, I'm sure.

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yes, I'll think carefully

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We do have a mullti choice poll option that allows me to offer a more sophisticated choice, so that's how I will do it.

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OK - since the base line we are starting from seems to revolve around "trust" in HMRC -


Lets start with


  1. Totally
  2. Quite a lot
  3. More often than not
  4. Not a lot
  5. Rarely
  6. I wouldnt trust them as far as I could kick them
  7. I'd sooner trust Ryan Giggs with my daughter.  


Love the Giggsy ref

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to use the abbreviation


Made my late sunday reviewing.

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