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HMRC Agent Strategy

The HMRC white paper, “Establishing the future relationship between the Tax Agent community and HMRC” is one of the biggest developments affecting the tax profession in recent years and for many advisers will shape the rest of their careers.

The paper emerges at a time when relations between agents and the tax department have deteriorated to an alarming extent, as is regularly documented in our Any Answers pages. The document is an attempt to create a more effective "fast track" for agents using HMRC's online capabilities, but also includes "enrolment" proposals that are causing alarm.

The best hope we have of making the reforms work is to respond wholeheartedly to this consultation, by telling HMRC firmly what won't work, and pushing it towards acknowledging where it can improve its own service levels. We've heard all the complaints for many years - please read the consultation paper, and then use this group to highlight specific issues within it. It is essential that you make your views known.

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