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HMRC Working Together e-group

This online Working Together discussion group is a joint project between HMRC, Taxation and to provide an online equivalent of the local Working Together groups that work with HMRC to help improve the services it provides. The group’s objective is to identify systemic HMRC operational problems or issues and will work in the same way as local groups. The group is open by request to registered and profiled members of the AccountingWEB community. The focus for discussion should be on practical issues and based on presenting evidence and exploring the nature of problems faced rather than rehashing the political debates and philosophical arguments that take place elsewhere on the site. Please behave as you would if you were face to face with HMRC colleagues.

Brian Redford (left), HMRC’s Deputy Director Intermediaries and External Communication, Business Customer Unit, HM Revenue & Customs: “We are delighted to be joining forces with Taxation and to create a Working Together e-group. This new group is a natural extension to the valuable work already being carried out by our local Working Together groups. We anticipate some valuable learning from extending the Working Together model online.”

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