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2010/11 Upgrade (v10.2) seems to be a disaster...

So far we have identified: -

  • Cannot file abbreviated accounts with Companies House (worked before upgrading)
  • The new 'feature' which picks up directors loans from accounts production and includes them in business tax for s.419 seems to be a disaster.  We're now finding client's with -ve tax charges because the company owes the director...
  • The tax comp issues are also affecting prior years, so every output needs to be checked in detail



Partnership tax returns

mfwdover | | Permalink

Boxes 3.65 to 3.73 of the 2010 partnership return no longer add up.  £1 difference

Agree and more

david bransbury | | Permalink

My firm has also suffered the S419 problem.

But also have random problem, add back on depreciation in corporation tax computation. So far one client does work and on the other does not and had to adjust manually.

Upgrade or not?

johnsbaker | | Permalink

We were looking to upgrade the software over the weekend.

Is the general feeling that it would be best to hold off doing so for the moment?

Phil Rees's picture

I'll not upgrade until there is some better news

Phil Rees | | Permalink

This is very worrying considering the cost of Iris.

No doubt they are falling over themselves to put these problems right.


depreciation add back

adrianking | | Permalink

We also had a small client with their sales added back as depreciation - I put this down to soemthing we had done with a customised add-back and fixed it, but it looks as thought it's another bug that crept in

Capital allowances problems also

Anonymous | | Permalink

 For sole traders, profit per the business tax computation doesn't now always equal profit taxed in the personal tax computation!

This is due to capital allowances not transferring to the personal tax return correctly in many situations.

That plus the s419 problem re corporation tax, means the upgrade really is riddled with bugs which mean a high proportion of client computations are incorrect!

Not the quality expected from iris.

Phil Rees's picture

So where do we stand?

Phil Rees | | Permalink

Have Iris responded to any of this?


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Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Hi - A message on the Forum (always best first port of call) says 10.2.1 service pack is due out 28 April latest.


Anonymous | | Permalink

Where do I find this?


Anonymous | | Permalink

 If you are an Iris customer you can access it via their website


then click the link to the "customer forum"

Update on update

david bransbury | | Permalink

Per the Iris forum the update should be coming out in the next 24 hours.

Ooh it's like Christmas

Anonymous | | Permalink

...where the anticipation far outweighs the reality!

But thank you for this thread, without it I may not have spotted the error on my tax comps.

Update ready

Anonymous | | Permalink

I see the update is ready to download.

I have not put the original on yet as i always wait for the "bugs" to be cleared out.

I will be interested to see if any one has any issues with the update, i will be waiting a few days before i upgrade!

Phil Rees's picture

We got the email about the upgrade too

Phil Rees | | Permalink

and, like you, we will wait for somebody else to test it out.



Anonymous | | Permalink

Let us all wait for everybody else to test it... that way nobody gets to find the glitches and we shall all have a lot of work come December/January...

Paul Scholes's picture

He who dares!

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

All done here....one set of accounts to the registrar...OK...fingers crossed

Efiling is working

angusnicolson | | Permalink

Installed the software and efuiled a set of accounts due by Friday.  Successfully lodged, it appears that that problem is sorted.

Still bugs

Anonymous | | Permalink

There are a few posts on iris's own forum suggesting that the latest update fix still contains errors in business tax and capital allowances.  No official response from iris.

Not impressed.


Davidsm | | Permalink

We are still having problems with transfer of capital allowances.

Certainly not what we expect from Iris and very unimpressed taking into account the recent price increases.

Paul Scholes's picture

Response to latest bugs on Forum

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Iris have posted responses to the latest bugs with KB refs etc, this afternoon.


Anonymous | | Permalink


So it took over a week for a response to be posted.   And although it addresses the bugs raised on the forum it makes no reference to other bugs which we have found and reported by phone.

Looks like no further fixes until June.

Why the recent deterioration in quality and support? 

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BigBadWolf | | Permalink

 And they had the cheek to hike their prices even further!

How do they justify a 6% increase across the board, and a staggering 12% increase on Charity Formats for accounts production?

How they can expect us to pay for a defective product that doesn't work I do not know. I think they should refund everyone's licence fees from the day 10.2 was released until such time as they fix the bugs! And on top of that as a thank you to customers for bearing with their ghastly support they should reverse the above inflation price hikes made in April/May this year!



next release

DonDan | | Permalink

According to Iris (on their forum) the next service pack is due out this week.


Fingers crossed they finally get their act together


tomsk100 | | Permalink

Version 10.3.1 came out yesterday.

Has anyone put this update on yet?


cjtrevor | | Permalink

Yes, installed last night.

Await feedback from staff today.

Another issue

mwickwar | | Permalink

I'm not sure if this is a "new" problem, or one that I've just not spotted before.

I've printed an audit report and noticed that the term "Statutory Auditor" wasn't coming up after our firm's name.  I called Iris Support who advised that I needed to change the Auditor option within Client/View/Auditor.

Now, we use the Agent option for all our audit and accountant's reports, so if I were to change the "Agent" name to include the term "Statutory Auditor", it would include it on ALL accounts we prepare, even non-audit ones.  Therefore, I would need to use the Alternate Auditor option, set up especially to include this terminology.

BUT!  If we use an alternative auditor, then electronically filing the accounts would fail, as, I'm led to believe, you need to be shown as Agent for the online filing to work.

Therefore, the only option I can see at the moment, is that our staff have to change the Auditor to an Alternate, while preparing the accounts, then for the person submitting them to change it back to Agent when they file it.  You can see that it won't take long before a set of accounts slips through the net with the wrong terminology on, or potentially a set of accounts is submitted and rejected - if this happens against a deadline, what are the chances that a rejection will be missed and a penalty issued as a result?

Also, if we're submitting accounts in PDF format, it will be fine to do all this chopping and changing, but if the accounts were able to be filed directly, then surely using the "Agent" name will mean that the accounts automatically breach the Companies Act, by not referring to us as a Statutory Auditor...!

Surely, it would just be easier for Iris to build the term "Statutory Auditor" into the report as a default, presumably like "Registered Auditor" used to be...

Rant over!

OK... I stand (partially) corrected...!

mwickwar | | Permalink

I've just checked the Agent details within Practice Options and you can change the name separately for auditors and accountants.

It would have been helpful if the Iris Support staff had told me that though - he led me to believe that it would affect all clients and that I had to use the Alternate!


BigBadWolf's picture

Iris Support Staff

BigBadWolf | | Permalink

So I am not alone in thinking that - recently the Iris support staff are getting worse!


stadon | | Permalink

The phone support used to be not only free but also to core staff who knew the software inside out. Nowadays, you have to pay to speak to what I would call 'front line staff' whom with their limited knowledge, do not know the answer, will make up anything to fob you off. 

No doubt, the quality of support has dropped out dramatically, combined with the bugs of the new releases creates a recipe for disaster. 

Support Staff

Jim Broome | | Permalink

No different to what HMRC have been doing over the years...

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