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Any volunteers to act as Discussion Group manager?

This group has really taken off and surfaced a few important issues already.

It has also attracted the attention of people from IRIS and one or two other tax/practice software vendors. I suspect some of you may have heard from them already, but where important issues are raised, I'll see if I can get them to come forward with public comments and contributions.

However, I'm currently trying to get several other software user discussion groups going on and wondered if anyone here would be willing to act as group manager (or we can appoint several people as joint administrators/moderators).

The main idea is to keep the group ticking over and ensure that important threads aren't ignored - there's nothing worse than coming to a party where no one wants to speak to you!

There's nothing too onerous or legally risky involved and we have a short document offering advice to group managers - a short extract from which follows below:

What to post in your group

  • Keep an eye on what is happening with the content elsewhere on, be that features and other editorial content we publish, or indeed posts and comments within other discussion groups and in Any Answers – there might be something of interest out there that will generate discussion within your group.
  • Post links to the content with a bit of chat about context – ask questions, make bold statements, provoke your club members into reacting! 
  • You are also welcome to bring in content from elsewhere out there on the net – although please always be careful what you post and only post content which is relevant to your discussions.  Give it context and always credit where you got it from.
  • Don’t forget that you can use pictures, text, audio and video to stimulate discussions.
  • If your group is busy and ‘happening’, or you think there is something exciting happening then let us know, we might be tempted to include it in one of our ebulletins which go out each week – this will be great promotion for your group!

* * * *

Please post here or message me if you'd like to take on the role.

Thanks, meanwhile, to all who have responded so far - it's quite an exciting development for us at Aweb.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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