Is this harsh treatment of a long standing customer?

For technical reasons we were late paying our renewal fee and we were without the use of Iris for 14 days as a result.

The company is refusing to give us credit for the 14 days that the service was unavailable.

This means that we have to pay for a service that we have not received.

Doesn't seem very caring.

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have you spoken to their head of Customer Services?

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 Have you spoken to their head of Customer (dis)Services?

I've said it before and I will say it again ... IRIS have become as arrogant as SAGE and simply don't care about the little guy any more.

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Technical Reasons

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You mention that you were late paying your renewal fee due to technical reasons - were these technical reasons the fault of Iris?

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... you still had the use of IRIS.

If codes are not renewed you may still access your data, you just cannot input data, so you have a partial service!

IRIS also give a 30 day period of grace from renewal date before this happens so I assume you must have been 44 days late in paying?


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