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How do I automatically backup IRIS

I have been using IRIS for 2 and half years.  Since moving over to SQL database I have had concerns that if I lose my computer I won't be able to restore my data even though I have been backing up to a portable hard drive.  I am looking for an automatic solution that I can rely on to fully back up all my IRIS data including internet postings with confirmation that the data backed up is correct, e.g. last client and posting data etc.  Also I would this solution to back up my clients excel and word files.

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MIS Cloud backup

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MIS has been backing up SQL databases for other applications for many years, we have recently added IRIS system to our portfolio.

Our tried and trusted system, automatically backs up the data to secure off-site locations and send an email confirmation, including details of last postings in accounts production and names of personal tax updates.We have many users of the system providing total peace of mind for the users.  We can also add windows files, other applications, including IRIS payrollMore information at ... I can arrange a demo at your convenience Phil

Cloud Backup

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Thanks for getting back to me Phil, look forward to seeing your backup system.





Which server software?

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We use Small Business Server 2008 and this automatically backs up the whole server whenever you schedule it to - we schedule it for every night.  This is to a removable drive, which you switch regularly so a copy is off-site.

Within SQL Server we set up an automated task to take a SQL database backup, and put it into a folder on the server.  Then this gets backed up automatically with the main server backup, along with all other iris and other files.

Once a week a batch file is scheduled to run, which deletes the SQL backups from the previous week (otherwise they build up and fill up your drive).

Really easy like this. 

You can no doubt set up something similar, but exactly how to do it depends whether you are on SBS2008 or another server version.

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MIS Cloud Solution

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During the development stage of our cloud backup solution, we encountered similar procedures; it is good news that you have a procedure – and using it!

The MIS solution actually stores the data off-site and the most important feature is that we ‘test’ the data to confirm the backup data is accessible. Accountants wanted ‘feedback’ that we held the latest version of the database, so we have added a email confirmation, containing details of the last posting in accounts production and the recent activity on personal tax and business tax.IRIS have indicated on the support site that the backups should be tested – see the third item in General Networking   As the solution runs in the background, you do not need to do anything, install and forget.   Accountants that are using the solution, continue using the current backup system and use our off-site cloud backup as a safety net – just in case.

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