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IRIS Accounts Office issues

This is a query that arose over on an Any Answers thread about the £99 upgrade service. While it's not specifically an IRIS Accountancy Practice software query, we've pulled it across as requested by member JWB in case any of our IRIS users (or executives) have information that might be relevant. Ed

I've recently started using Iris Accounts Office software,  Does anyone know if I can change the default setings of:

1.  When the input windows open they are always tiny and I have to resize them - does anyone know if there is a "save settings" option anywhere ?

2. The nominal transactions window currently shows as column headers "our ref, date, period, description, status"  but not Amount !!  does anyone know if I can add "amount" in as a column header? - Quite useful to check if I have input the correct amount.

3. Default VAT - the VAT always defulats to 17½ % and I am constantly changing it to 15% can this be set as a default.

4. the Bank reconciliation screen, the amounts are preceded by GBP which makes it very confusing to read  - can I turn this option off?

5. the bank reconciliation screen, the amount column - the decimal places are not aligned can this be changed ?

 6.  There is no consistency on the 'bank ref' field if it's a cash book payment the cheque reference is in column 3 on the bank rec screen but if it's a supplier payment the cheque reference goes in column 9 so it's all very confusing and time consuming to do.

I've discovered that F9 will copy the text frm the line above but any other hints or tips ot shortcuts for IRIS accounts office would be greatfully appreciated. 
Can anyone help? Thanks! - John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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VAT Changes & Nominal Column missing

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I think that this will be like Exchequer. From memory, you have to make sure you login as a MANAGER rights person and then look at the menu and click Settings / VAT Rates.

This opens up a window where you can specify the VAT Rates for Z, E, X etc etc (Exchequer may have more than IAO).

If this doesn't work then I'll open up a copy and have a look (I used to work at IRIS in the Bournemouth Office).


Sometimes buttons and columns go missing. A column might go missing if you have resized it to zero width. If you right click on the button bar on the right or the grid of the display you will get a menu where there is an option "Restore Defaults". This will reset the screen to the orignal settings. If this doesn't work then there is another option in User Setup where you can click "Reset Custom" and it does the same thing but better. There is a 3rd option but you need a password from IRIS to see it (or at least in Exchequer).

This solution works on all screen in IAO (IRIS Accounts Office) so if you have something similar on say the Ledger View on the Customer Record then it'll fix that too.

If you know Exchequer then it's a good guide to knowing IRIS Accounts Office as it was written by the Exchequer Team down in the Bournemouth Office. Let me know if this doesn't help and I'll look into it a bit more.

Before I go, for IRIS Exchequer customers there is a website with a knowledge base of typical problems and solutions. It would be worth signing up to this if available to you.


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"save settings" option

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Right click on the grid or button bar on the right and you should get a menu with "Save Co-ordinates" on it

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