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Iris Exchequer Reporting & Analysis & Migration

Iris Exchequer customers that I have spoken to all bemoan the poor performance and complexity of creating and running reports. Whilst at the same time applauding its transactional capabilities.

As a result a lot of desired reports never get written, because of the costs involved with getting 'experts' in to program them or being too busy to fiddle around creating something and then having to wait for ages only to get a blank page.

We have been working with an Exchequer customer since 2006 to integrate Exchequer with their other systems and have written a data synchronisation and reporting tool that is a breeze to use and very fast. In fact the customer was so impressed he has invested in a new company to help take our products to market! (Exchequer Dynamics Limited)

Our solution is really fast and easy and takes seconds to create sophisticated reports.

We would love to engage with anyone who has issues with Exchequer integration, migration, reporting and analysis.

And of course let's discuss issues with reporting and analysis here!

Jason Richards





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Exchequer Reporting Tools

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I know a client that would love this. 

Do I get commission ;)

Can it capture Order Delivery Notes and keep them when Exchequer throws them away?

Does it seperate out financial transactions from non-financial transactions?

Does it build a more normal accounting data set?

Does it then build a fact table from the Exchquer data using "dimensions" from both the transaction lines and transaction headers (User Defined Fields in Exchequer terms).

If it does all this then you have one great tool.


(Ex-IRIS Certified Exchequer Developer)


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The Ins & Outs

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Thanks for the input. I will try an answer your questions:

Do I get commission ;) Yes we are offering generous commission please email [email protected]

Can it capture Order Delivery Notes and keep them when Exchequer throws them away? I am assuming that these delivery notes are put in the Trans/TransLines tables. If this is the case we can filter that data. We could even put that in seperate table in SQL. This is something we can explore with you, we very much want to make this the tool of choice and we will adapt to customer needs/ideas.

Does it separate out financial transactions from non-financial transactions? Once again I assuming this is all in the Trans/Tranlines tables. At this point we emulate the structure of Pervasive, so we just convert and copy. However from the visual query builder you can easily build re-usable queries to filter ANYTHING. Once again we will help create queries, we want this to have an ever growing library of queries, which can just be emailed to customers and then run, so simple! One could say that the MS SQL Views allows one to do this it does but our query tool allows some complex tasks to be done with no knowledge of SQL like union tables and derived tables, so it is empowering for the average user.

Does it build a more normal accounting data set? The answer is yes and no. Since we move the data from A to B as is, the SQL schema is the same as the Pervasive schema (except for converted field types). But the query builder gives you access to all the tables and any others in the SQL database so you can build the data set any which way you like. This is dependent on  some SQL skills, but we are here to help too as we want this to be the best in class...... We hope to generate a healthy user group to share tips and tricks, in the interim we will publish all these in an online searchable help system.

Does it then build a fact table from the Exchequer data using "dimensions" from both the transaction lines and transaction headers (User Defined Fields in Exchequer terms). I am lost here I have not got a clue what you mean. But if there is a field in any Exchequer table that allows it to link to another table the answer is yes.

If it does all this then you have one great tool. The answer is Yes, this is one hell of a tool, it has been developed to be fast, easy to use and robust. it currently runs synchronising in a loop, Customers, Suppliers, Jobs, Stock and specifically created tables for e-commerce, SINS,POR,ADJ..... from transactions 24/7. Occasionally it needs to have warning box clicked where the Pervasive engine can't cope with the speed, maybe every 3 or 4 days and we are working this to slow it down a bit!

Bear in mind this product started life as a solution for a customer of ours who has now invested in my IP. It is a tool developed to solve some problems and I believe we will find many more applications for it.

It can be easily customised to meet specific requirements and if we need to create some derived SQL tables that make better sense of the Accounting Data we can do it. Although, this can easily be done by the query tool.

Thanks very much for raising these issues, I hope this goes some way to answering them.

-- Jason Richards



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ExSync & Query Builder from Exchequer Dynamics Limited

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Message for Richard Whight,

Although I might seem to be bias as the Exchequer user come investor in this technology, I can tell you from a user's perspective that this query builder is a 'Breeze' to use. I have no MS SQL experience at all and with a 30 second remote tutorial from Jason on the phone one morning I was executing simple queries from any number of Exchequer tables myself. Joining two or more tables to get out more complex reports took a further tutorial of may be a minute. It really is that simple and a pleasure to use. I have spent hours and hours pulling my hair out with the VRW, trying to get 'MY' data out of Exchequer, writing a report that made total logical sense to me, pressing run report, waiting what seemed like a decade, only to finally end up with a blank page. I can not describe the frustration of it but I know many other users share this, having spoken to quite a few now at various Exchequer Roadshows.

With ExSync, it takes seconds to select the fields you want (or if you are not sure just to select all from a table) and then press one button and the turbocharged query building does it stuff and Bingo, a screen full of data! The thing is you can see it. You can see your data and start understanding what data resides in what field. Unclick a few that you now know you don't need and execute the query again and your report is taking shape. It is so quick and a pleasure to use.

The other thing you notice are field not normally seen, things you never knew were there, maybe even hidden data that you are not meant to see? I always wondered whether there was a date field for the transaction line itself. I may be wrong but I never came across it in my frustrated Visual Report Writing experience. To be honest I had ended up shying away from writing reports because it just gave me blood pressure. Normal health has now been resumed and I am able to concentrate on running my own business!

We are looking for people like yourself to try the product and report to the Exchequer world your views from a completely non-bias stand point.

So many uses, not to mention those Exchequer users thinking of how they are going to migrate all their data into Microsoft Dynamics. We may well be doing just that if the service from Iris continues to be so abysmal - Food for thought!

Peter Marsh

Managing Director - Turbo Dynamics Limited


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Exchequer to Dynamics

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-- Jason Richards


Customers moving from Exchequer to Dynamics face a painful and costly migration process. Even with this getting enough of the historical transaction data has not until now been possible.

We can manipulate the data in SQL to migrate it into Dynamics by creating queries to format the data and then import it. We are in the process of looking at how we can migrate directly from Pervasive straight into a Microsoft Dynamics Schema.

There is a two fold purpose to this project. One there are customers looking to move to Dynamics completely and there are also customers wanting to use dynamics alongside Exchequer. To add better process management to Exchequer.

Either way, being able to have all the relevant Exchequer data in SQL has huge performance analysis advantages.


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Appropriate place & behaviour, please

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Hi Jason & Co,

While we welcome anyone within the accountancy universe to our community, we do not allow individuals and organisations to use it for "blatant self promotion" or to denigrate rival products. If you want to recruit resellers & customers, it might be more appropriate to make a post on our Opportunities page (where you're allowed to alert members to commercial possibilities) or to advertise in our IT Zone eBulletin.

I also need to pull you up on this thread because you've plonked a pile of content about IRIS Exchequer into the Accountancy Practice Solutions discussion group. If other Exchequer users see this thread and would like to spend more time discussing the application between themselves, then we will certainly respond to demand and open a dedicated Exchequer discussion group.

However, if we feel that posts are continuing to promote a particuar product without reference to members' comments or interests, we will remove them as explained in our terms of use.
John Stokdyk, Editor,

Exchequer User Group

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I would very much like to see a dedicated Exchequer user group. I have spent a long time scouring the net searching for a forum to chew things over with other Exchequer users but have always drawn blanks.

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Self Promotion

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I apologise, we don't want to rock the boat, nor do we want to appear negative about Exchequer, it is a great product. But like all software it has its issues and discussing them and getting other peoples view is a great way to share information and maybe levarage Iris to address them.

Sometimes, vendors like the BAFTA's love self congratulating themselves and need to get their feet on the ground and listen to users.

On self promtion, I have to agree with you, we want to tell our story we have some good news. We will tone it down. At the same time we want be transparent about who we are and what we are doing.

It would be great to have an Exchequer spot here, we would like to make some very positve contributions about Exchequer in general.

Jason Richards


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IRIS Exchequer discussion group now open for business

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Your wish is our command, Mike. Click here for the Exchequer discussion group.

If you are an Exchequer user, please come along and join us there and tell your compatriots and colleagues about the resource. As with this group, IRIS executives are known to keep an eye on proceedings, so it can provide a good unofficial route to raise wishlist requests or other issues you would like to discuss with them.

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