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IRIS perfomance speed

I have always had problems with the speed of IRIS. For example, loading the main menu (74 secs), loading Accounts Production menu from Main Menu (29 secs), loading Post from the Posting Menu (40 secs), etc.  Does anyone else have this problem? The server has 12 Gigs RAM and 3GHz Quad Core processor,  using MS Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) running SQL Express 2005 running via a 100MHz network. We has a 3 user IRIS start-up pack.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be so slow.

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Have you asked them?

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Hi - we too run a 3 user starter pack over a small network but with much older kit, less capaicty & speed and SBS 2003 and it's always worked fine, main menu in less than 5 secs etc.

In the past their support guys have been really good at getting to the bottom of infrastructure probs, have you tried them?

Gigabit networking

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We find a good improvement in speed by ensuring that everything in the network is running at Gigabit speed, rather than 100Mb.

This helps everything, not just Iris.  

It may not be the cause of your problems, but I'm sure you'll find everything is a bit improved if you changed, and Gigabit switches etc are not expensive. 

IRIS performance speed

halblackburn | | Permalink

Are you using Norton anti-virus software ?  If so uninstall it, and download and install Microsoft Security Essentials (free software) to replace it.  Our system supplier cured all my IRIS speed problems by doing this.  The problem is that IRIS has several hundred files open on the server in order to service just one workstation and Norton checks each file when ever it is accessed.

Iris Speed

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I too have noticed the speed (or rather lack of it) when loading Iris programs, but only since downloading the December update. The practice menu takes anything up to 45s to load. Other modules take a similar time.

I spoke to Iris and they suggested it could be due to my antivirus software, but disabling it does not help with the problem. The hardware has not changed, and it a good specification, dual core CPU 2.7 GHz, 3 GB RAM, yet Iris is so painfully slow now.

IRIS and Anti-Virus

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I too have noticed a speed issue when initially opening IRIS applications, although not to the level of other users.

I always get nervous when I hear suggestions of changing Anti-virus software.  Norton has historically be blamed for degradation in computer performance (I'm a culprit too), but after trying several alternatives, I have to say it is still my AV of choice.  It is installed on my machine running IRIS and both seem to work in harmony.

While Microsoft Essentials is a good free product, my IT colleagues tell me that Norton is still superior.  Just be careful that you don't solve one problem and create another, potentially worse one.

IRIS speed

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I was the original poster. IRIS contacted me and after a couple of misdirections my tech guy spoke to someone in Technical Support who recommended that we set our anti-virus (McAfee) to exclude scanning the IRIS directory.  This info in on an IRIS FAQ.  This has improved the times a bit but not to what it should be.  I have a subcontractor who works with other Accountants who use IRIS and he confirms that our system is pretty slow compared to other sites he works at.  So we are improved from 'very difficult' to work with to simply 'difficult' to work with.  I'm going to upgrade my hardware soon and will have more power and RAM memory on the workstations - hopely this will help.  If not I'll regretably have to look to change supplier.


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We find that IRIS runs quite slowly (but it depends on how you define "slowly") sometimes, although opening Main Menu & the the initial opening of some of the Applications can be the worst. Once you're in, it mostly seems OK. The other main area of slight concern is generating letters in GPM/Automail, which uses the Word Mail Merge function to customise the letter template, so there's actually quite a lot going on!

IRIS have a habit of setting users off on's a good first check but I'm not at all convinced this has much effect. Scanning files is what AV does: some are better than others, but this shouldn't be the real issue, so long as your AV process (engine & DAT's) is up-to-date.

A couple of pointers:

We ran some performance statistics on our Server & the main issues were disk queueing and read/write times. This is likely to affect database applications like IRIS as they will be reading/writing to disk all the time. We're thinking of reconfiguring our disk subsystem, maybe by adding more physical drives to the RAID & repartitioning, to help this. If you're running other databases, eg, Microsoft Exchange, then this can cause contention, too.

We also run our LAN at 100Mb PC - LAN Switch & 1000Mb Switch - Server, and I'm fairly sure 1000Mb (ie 1Gb) PC - Switch would give some improvement.... IRIS Workstation is chatting to the Server all the time, sending packets of data backwards & forwards constantly, so this has got to affect performance in some way. Most modern PC's have 1000Mb Network Cards so the investment (new Switch) is quite small to upgrade.

In the above cases RAM & CPU are completely irrelevant.

By the way, we're running SBS 2003 with SQL 2005 in 4GB RAM & 1 x Quad Core Xeon E5420 & the hardware about 2.5 years old, and we have 15 - 20 users online.


Slow Running Iris

CMS | | Permalink

We have experimented with various Anti Virus packages on our Windows XP workstations, Norton is the worst for slowing down the server and the workstation, Avast was very good until avast decided to change the way the detection worked. Finally we have installed AVG and it is a dream, we are using a 10/100 network with 10 users.

We found an improvement in data flow by applying static Ip addresses to each workstation rather than the standard DHCP. We have very recently installed 2 x Window7 workstations and they are both working fine, our load time is approx 5 sec.

We regularly service our workstations, removing unwanted temp files and the other clutter collected under way,

I do agree with the others that an improvement in speed could be gained by changing to a Gigabit network.

Hope this helps

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