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ixbrl filing accounts with HMRC

Has anyone else had problems filing ixbrl company accounts on HMRC's website?  On 18 February we decided to test the system and file our first CT return and accounts in ixbrl format.  We used Iris accounts and Taxcalc's corporation tax return.  The accounts passed Iris's verification.  However when we tried to submit the accounts and CT return the submission failed and the error message seemed to indicate there was a problem with the accounts.  After many phone calls - usually us chasing up Iris when they failed to return our calls as promised - and resending information we had already sent, Iris admitted that there was a problem with Iris - with a header.  They have today sent us a solution - but only for this particular set of accounts - and that has failed - this time there is a different error. 

Iris seem to be unable to appreciate the fact that the probelem does not seem to be associated with the particular set of accounts we are trying to submit - but seems to be a generic error.  We were also asked what the deadline for filing was........


Same for us

JeremyNewman | | Permalink

Test filings for Iris have falied HMRC validation on numerous occasions - all down to the same error. Why Iris can't build software that actually works is beyond me. According to their helpline (10-15 min wait!), the error is the single most common problem being reported. But their software does not (or so it seems) have an in-built validation routine that actually works.

Truly, I despair.

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