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After spending a couple of hours trying to get a CT computation right for a 30/04/10 year end which showed the correct AIA we gave up and called Iris. They said that Business Tax is not yet ready for post 31st March 2010 company year ends and should not be used to generate CT returns. Indeed Iris told us that HMRC are not yet ready either and will not accept returns generated for post 31.3.10 years.

Thanks for teling us Iris. Yet another nail in the expensive Iris coffin!

Has anyone else had this message from Iris and what are your thoughts?



So why don't you post it on...

Jim Broome | | Permalink

the IRIS Forum (or at least as well as here)?

Doesn't sound right to me

colinhigginson | | Permalink

We have filed post 31-3-10 CT600's with no problem at all - using IRIS.

Not IRIS fault

adrianking | | Permalink

In the defence of IRIS (for once!) this was in the release notes to version 10.3:-

IRIS Business Tax

April 2010 Budget Changes

IRIS Business Tax has been updated to reflect the 2010 Budget changes to Annual Investment Allowance (AIA). IRIS Business Tax now calculates the AIA based on the new £100,000 limit effective from the 01/04/2010 for limited companies and 06/04/2010 for sole traders and partnerships.

These changes may affect accounting period dates already entered in the program, therefore users are required to recalculate the capital allowances under

Edit | Capital Allowances | D - Recalculate to reflect the increased Annual Investment Allowance for periods ending on and after 01/04/2010 for limited companies and 06/04/2010 for sole traders and partnerships.


HMRC plan to implement the budget changes in October 2010, and until that time electronic CT600 returns should be withheld or submitted on paper.

: Please note that following the installation of this update it will not be possible to file CT600 Returns online where the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) claim for accounting periods end after 1st April 2010 exceed £50,000. Attempts to file these returns online will result in rejections by HMRC because they have not updated their software to reflect the increase in the AIA limit.

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How much more notification do you want?

davidakime | | Permalink

This is not fair on Iris - they posted articles on their knowledgebase back in June about the fact that their software works, but HMRC doesn't (KB 8967).

What more can Iris do other than ring every user up every week to remind them? Perhaps they should remind users to put their bins out on bin day too!!

This is NOT IRIS but HMRC - so go and kick them instead.

(and before you ask no I am not from Iris)

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