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PTP no refund policy

I recently downloaded the PTP CT demonstration software which enabled me to input a 2008 CT tax return.

I phoned the company and ordered the CT software.  I paid £120 by credit card.

I was sent the information to enable the software and found I could not enter a 2008 tax return because I had been "sold" the 2009 package (although I wasn't asked which package I wanted and didn't know of the distinction).  On phoning PTP I was told I would need to buy the 2008 package if I wanted to file 2008 returns. 

It seems they have a no refund policy even when they have mis-sold a product.

I will certainly never use PTP/Iris but how do I get my £120 back?


Disgruntled and unhappy PTP purchaser






Just take it up with the credit card company

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It sounds as if from the information supplied you have a pretty strong case to simply tell your credit card company that the goods were not as described. You purchased on the basis of a demonstration copy of the software whose capabilites were not the same as the live copy.

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