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From Batch to Transaction Line


I am trying to write a report using either Access or Crystal reports which requires me to start with a batch transaction and track it through to a transcation line. All of the information required is in the batch transaction - snInOurRef and snOutOur Ref for the transaction document and snBuyLine and snSold line for the transaction lines. The problem is that if I link these fields to tlOurRef and tlLineNo or idxLineNumber using either Crystal Reports of Access Queries I get problems.

With Crystal Reports it does not work at all. I left it running overnight so se if it was just a time issue but it had still not return results eight hours later!

With Access it takes an incredibly long time and the results it returns are not always what I expect. ADJ transactions seem to be a problem. I get two lines returned for each line on the batch record.

Does anyone know of a better way to connect these transactions?



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From Batch to Transaction Line

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Dear Colin,

At my company Turbo Dynamics Limited, we use Ex-Report to write queries of this nature going from serial number to transaction line for the warranty module in our own bespoke CRM software ‘JAP’. Ex-Report allows us to write queries and reports on our Exchequer data from their Pervasive database with easy and speed. It has been a breath of fresh air having battled with their visual report writer for some years which seemed to take an inordinate amount of time both to write and then run quite simple reports. With Ex-Report we can write and run complex queries in seconds. You might like to look at a video demonstration on:-  This has a relevant bit at the end. If you need to contact me for more information I would be happy to discuss. 01202 487497   Peter Marsh  Managing Director  Turbo Dynamics Limited  01202 487497  [email protected]      

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