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IRIS Exchequer - Software Bug List

Our company has been an Exchequer user for the past 11 years. We have upgraded to version 6.5 from version 6.3 hoping that the latest version would have addressed many of the software bugs that we encountered in 6.3. 

While some of the many software issues had been addressed and resolved by IRIS, many new software bug issues almost always appear in upgrades. 

IRIS is not telling/sharing what is broken and not working in version 6.5 and an utter waste of of many people's time if any software bug is being reported by many Exchequer users. 

I am compilingand will post a list of software bugs encountered while using version 6.5 and hoping that the many other Exchequer users will contribute and share their own Exchequer issues.

Richard Lee

Air Dynamics Pte Ltd - Singapore 



Bug List - Reports

V8AR001 | | Permalink

Reports\Stock Based\Sales Analysis\Stock Sales By Products or By Customers

This report will only generate Invoice data.  Selecting report based on Order Data will still output Invoice Data.



Bug List - Tagging of transaction

V8AR001 | | Permalink

Tagging of Transaction in Orders Daybook

Tag number will always default to 1 instead of automatic allocating the next unused 
Tag number. Results in multiple users using same Tag numbers.

Tag and consolidate multiple PDN in order daybook may generate 2 PINs instead of 1 PIN 


Bug List - Passwords

V8AR001 | | Permalink

If user password is set to Password Expires every X number of Days the system will keep prompting the user to change password after user has changed password 

Bug List - Right Click Context Menu in Customer & Supplier recor

V8AR001 | | Permalink

Critical & Major flaw - Beware

In Customer or Suppler record if user do a Right Click to bring up the Context Menu all options are available even when set to NO access in Passwrod Access Setting.

If you have 10 years of sales or purchase ledger and an ignorant user chance upon the context menu and perform check unallocate transaction you are going to pull all your hair off. I experience this first hand.  

Bug List - Stock Ledger dates

V8AR001 | | Permalink

Stock List \ Ledger

Transaction dates in Stock Ledger do not match actual date of documents. 

Stock dates

cyoung | | Permalink

"Stock List \ Ledger

Transaction dates in Stock Ledger do not match actual date of documents. "

Same goes for dates on the serial/batch records.


Bug List - Negative Stock

V8AR001 | | Permalink

Negative stock does not work in Purchase transactions.

Stock items will go into negative when editing transaction line quantity. 

Bug List - Credit Limit Check

V8AR001 | | Permalink

Description in Enterprise Help
This switch checks the credit limit of customers when entering transactions and will issue a warning where the net value of the transaction exceeds or equals the credit limit value stored on the customer record.
When both Use Credit Status Check and Use Credit Limit Boxes are both ticked if either warning is displayed the order being entered will be put on 'Credit Hold'. This can be manually released by 'Authorising', or when a receipt is entered of sufficient value to remove the warning state, when a picking run is performed or the transaction is edited the credit hold will be removed.
If 'Use Credit Limit Check' is used with 'If over Credit Limit put 'On Stop' then if the Net value of the transaction exceeds the credit limit, it will not be possible to store the transaction.

What does not work
When both Use Credit Status Check and Use Credit Limit Boxes are both ticked if either warning is displayed the order being entered will be put on 'Credit Hold'.
Order will still be put on Credit Hold with Credit Limit Check unticked

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Abort button not working within customer/discounts/check

TURBOD | | Permalink

When running the Check function on the Discount Tab within a Customer Record, if you have a stock tree group in the Customer Discount Field rather than a single Stock Code the abort button does not abort and therefore you are stuck in that window until you have gone through every stock record in that part of the stock tree. I was unfortunate enough to be in a record that had a group with 3249 stock records within it and had to press the cancel button that many times before I could continue working. With repetitive strain injury and a certain level of frustration over something so basic that had been over looked by Iris’ developers I did report the issue. This has been logged  with the Product Management Team with reference ABSEXCH-11246 and I was told this issue will be reviewed as part of the QA/Dev review process, to see if this issue can be resolved in a future release of Exchequer. I could have ‘killed’ the application using task manager but this is not something I like to make a habit of doing. It tends to create ‘ghost’ users which have to be deleted from the Pervasive monitor and I would tend to think that it might give Iris yet another ‘Customer Action’ to blame when other things go wrong. Such is my opinion and experience over the years.

Just about to upgrade to Version 6.6 this Friday night and looking forward to seeing  what has been fixed. Peter Marsh Turbo Dynamics Limited

Invoices and Credit note in the batch record

cyoung | | Permalink

Because of the way the batch records work if you invoice items and subsequently credit part of the invoice the credit note becomes the 'out document' and the invoice record disappears from the batch record completely thus losing all tracability.

Supplier in Drill Down

cyoung | | Permalink

If you use the 'drill down' feature to look at a sales transaction line one of the entries under 'stock' is the supplier. But this is not necessarily the actual supplier of the batch used in that transaction, only the default supplier set up on the stock record.

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Serial Batch

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We use Serial Batch extensively and having had many issues were told at one point by an honest member of staff that the Serial Batch functionality added into Exchequer was there as a help but not what one might call fully integrated. Knowing this tempered by originally higher expectation of the system and we now use it and work around its many idiosyncrecies. It does not give a fully audit trail as previously pointed out. It deals with basic and simply in and out transaction but can not cope at all really with anything out of the ‘norm’, which in the real life of business is the ‘norm’. It is open to abuse because of the ability of users to edit and modify data within the record and in my opinion the whole system can only be regarded as a help if you want to track serial numbered products. In no way is it a fully integrated and robust system that has been well thought through and able to cope with normal business requirements. Of course in reality the same serial number can be booked into stock via an ADJ or from a Works Order, be sold on a SIN, be retuned under warranty say or returned for credit and then potentially be resold. The system will not allow the input of the same serial number and so it is a one off record allowing only for one in document and one out document, no master detail relationship as such. Another area where Exchequer ‘could’ improve things?  -  Peter Marsh – Turbo Dynamics Limited

Re: Serial Batch

brent | | Permalink


Doesn't the returns module solve some of these issues?


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Serial Batch

TURBOD | | Permalink


No, unfortunately the Returns Module has its own idiosyncrasies. The whole serial batch mechanism which we use extensively has many different flaws and is by no means a full proof system. There are ways to get around normally locked down security of audit trail. We have ‘learnt’ the system the hard way and use it but it is far from ideal. It serves a purpose and allows IRIS Exchequer to state they have a serial batch stock control system but the reality is far from the bullet point on the glossy brochure.



andrewmy | | Permalink

We recently experienced a power cut, and 2 users didnt log out of exchequer before their UPS died, so they are still showing as logged in users.

Can anybody help me with how I log them them out?





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