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Network faxing from Exchequer

We're considering switching away from the Exchequer fax sender due to it's general flakiness, and are currently looking around for alternatives.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of getting Exchequer to work with other third party networked faxing solutions, we've currently had a brief look at Zetafax (which I think Iris recommend).

We've got a Konica Minolta Bizhub, with the faxing module, it would be great to get it working with that but there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to get Exchequer to pass the recipiant information to the printer.

Any suggestions / recommendations? 

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US Robotics

ExSync | | Permalink

The only way I have ever got the Exchequer Fax module to work at all is with a US Robotics external modem. It might be worth trying one before you give up.

-- Jason Richards

Exchequer Faxing...

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Faxing and MODEMs are what might be described as a dying technology, and as such do work better when married up with older Technology.

As an IRIS Exchequer Reseller, we have Faxing working on 2008 Servers with External US Robotics USB Modems successfully, but my personal recommendation would be to have a stand along PC running XP.

I'm not sure that any expenditure on Faxing is worthwhile anymore, as most companies are now reverting to the e-mail functionality of the software more and more.

Dave Rendall
Minerva Computer Services.


Problem solved

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I thought I should post the answer to my own question on here, even though we cracked it ages ago!

We've been using a service known as Interfax ( for over a year now, they're pretty cheap and they operate a good email to fax service. We've been using it in Exhequer by simply setting the customer to receive documents via email, and setting their email address in the format of [faxnumber]

Highly recommended, and much better than Iris' very flaky faxing solution.

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