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Hi Everyone

I use Exchequer with Serial/Batch recording in the stock records (although I do not use Exchequers stock valuation system). I want to try and write a report that will show sales by SUPPLIER. So I need to track from a sales invoice transaction line through to the supplier of the stock. We can have different suppliers for the sale line of stock so I think I need to go via the batch record and pick up the 'In Document'. Does anyone know how I do this? I am happy(ish!) working with Exchequer files in Crystal Reports and even using MS Access via 'pass-through' queries but this has got me coming up against a brick wall.

Can anyone help?


oh dear

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mmm... 4 weeks, 32 views, no answers. I guess this is not going to be easy.

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I'll have a look this weekend but it's all in the ODBC documentation and Visual Report Writer documentation (have a look at this because it does mention ODBC field names too). Basically you can find the serial / batch / fifo records to get the SIN and PIN numbers (I seem to remember a tables holding multiple items that you have to filter but this may be another table). If you give me a hint at what you've looked at tablename wise and field wise then I may be able to answer.

If you have direct support with IRIS then I suggest that you speak to Eva but I've left a few years ago now so she may have moved on.

Let me know.


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