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Data Dictionary For Sage Accounts

I am trying to devise a report that will show all my purchases and include the department and project ref field. I have tried looking at the fields available under the Supplier reports option and I can't find these 2 fields. Can someone please point me in the right direction or do I need to extract this information via a SQL query?

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Cross posted to the Sage 50 Accounts discussion group

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Hi Nigel,

We just set up a Sage 50 Accounts discussion group and I have posted your query over there as well to see if anyone can help. If I hear anything back, I'll let you know.

I'm not familiar enough with the reporting and database structure in Sage 50 to help you, I'm afraid, but I know some people who might, including David Carter, who's done a lot of work with management reporting in Sage with Excel. If you do decide to delve into the MS Query route, here are some tutorial articles that might help:

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Improve your sales reports using MS Access
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I'll get in touch with David and see if he's got more immediate advice about the two fields you're hunting for.

John Stokdyk, Technology editor


Use Audit_Journal

David Carter | | Permalink

Supplier reports will only give you Net purchases.

If you want to analyse purchases by department or by nominal analysis you need to use the audit_journal table.  

From memory the last time I did this, the 2 x Project Ref fields aren't held in Audit_journal.  Instead they've put them in entirely separate tables - hopeless.   David Carter


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