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Does anyone know of a good ERP, which can deliver the following with out having to pay the earth.

Requirements:- Multi Company, Multi Currency, True Consolidation reporting results, Statutory Accounts, Project accounting, Web base option.

I would appreciate any comments, although a number of companies say one thing, but when the chips are down can not deliver.


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Re ERP solution

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Disclaimer - I joined this forum around 6 months ago as there have been some interesting posts that have come up, however I am a technology service provider and wanted to be upfront about this. Normally I wouldn't pitch our services in any forum however as you are asking for a possible solution I felt it was appropriate to explain how I view the ERP market and provide you with an over view of our approach.

The majorty of ERP packages are more of a framwork where the ERP solution needs to be customised (either templates/data fields or workflow/processes) for each client than something you are likely to be able to use out of the box, unless the requirements is very basic. The majority of commercial ERP companies will charge for software licensing + server + professional services which can in some cases make it expensive.

When looking at multi-tennant/customer solutions it is often the case that each 'solution' will need to be tailored to individual customer needs.

I notice from your requirements that you appear to be mainly looking at the accounting/reporting functionality where many ERP solutions also include....order entry, taxes, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing workflow capabilities etc so if a web based solution is implemented it is also totally feasible to open the wider capabilities up to your client(s) which would have the potential to drive £££ savings within their business a part of which could be used to fund the development etc.

We provide a number of ERP solutions that are based on 'open source' software which is cost free (or low cost software), that will run on commodity hardware (few hundred £) ansd because the source code is 'open' solutions can be customised to work in the exactly the way that customers want them to. Although we have the capabilities to complete any development work in the UK we have the option of offshoring it which helps bring the professional services costs down.

I can think of a couple of solutions that may (would need to understand your requirements in greater detail to confirm either way) provide what you are looking for and I would be happy to take this offline and discuss further should you wish? I can be contacted on [email protected], 01242 516302 or 07739 710091.

I purposly haven't included any links to websites as open source websites are usually not very customer facing and often written with a biast towards 'techies'.

ERP solutions can be set up to deliver literally anything and to work in any way you want it typicaly the stumbing block tends to be more of a financial one.



customer facing open source

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You might want to contact the trade association to find some solution providers



ERP Software

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Thank you for your comments, I will take them on board.


Discovery ERP

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Diamond Discovery is a range of software solutions providing small businesses with software ranging from straightforward financial accounts only , to SOP, POP, Manufacturing, MRP1, Fixed Assets, Multi-Currency. All versions allow up to 10 companies at no additional charge.

If you are considering a review of your software then go to as part of your research.

We are actively promoting this software, and would be delighted to discuss it in detail with you, we are not too big to care, and we value small businesses as customers.

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Try Acceptum Business Software

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As a developer of the system -I feel you should take a look at which is an ERP system for small lid tier UK companies.

It can do all that you ask - except - web base option.  Exactly what you mean by "web base option" is not clear to me.

Acceptum is 100% server based although it can interface with a web site via FTP to upload/download data. 

Only a small number of system parameters need to be set  to make the system workable and a download is available from our web site in irder to test the system and investigates its strengths and capabilities.


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