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How to move webhosting away from unscrupulous company?

I have been paying for webhosting and seo to a company since November. While they have redesigned my website and got me high up the rankings, it is not bringing any enquiries. This may not be their fault, but I no long want to pay £100 plus a month but wish to move to a pure hosting company at £50 pa.

Before signing the contract I was assured that I could leave at any time and there were no penalties. Having had some pretty bad experiences during the web-design phase, it was clear to me a long time ago that it would be difficult to get their co-operation in moving my website.

Their head sales-person has long claimed that he is the man I need to speak to about anything I am concerned with. When I told him on Monday morning that I wanted to change hosts he told me he would get person A to call me. This morning when I hadn't heard from Person A, I rang her to be told that I should speak to someone in another department and she would find out who it was and ask them to call me. Of course I haven't had any such call.

This lunchtime I emailed the sales person to state categorically that I wish to move my site, but that I need someone knowledgeable to sort things out at their end and could he please expedite as this was very poor customer care. I got the message that he was out all day, but would do this.

This is the most customer unfocussed company I have ever had to deal with, but their attitude borders on the corrupt.

How do you recommend I proceed, given that my monthly direct debit is due on 20th of the month? The written contract has no mention of how to "leave" them, but I still need to do this.


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Sad story

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I'm sorry to hear your story, I understand it's a nightmare for you.

If you want me to help, give me a call and I'll help you sort it out.

Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789

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Moving away

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Finally after 2 days of my phoning all sorts of people in the company, a wonder-woman manager there has offered to help me and things are really getting going. I have now managed to set up an account with Titan internet, who have been recommended to me on this site before.

It has however been mentioned that I will have to continue to pay £100 per month for 3 months SEO that I don't want per the contract conditions.

I emailed the salesman to tell him that he never mentioned these conditions when he came to see me prior to sorting out the contract as I specifically wanted to know how easy it would be to move on if it wasn't right for me. He told me there's no notice period - you can just go. (The written contract does mention a notice period in very small type but he did not refer to the conditions at any time. Yes, mea culpa, but I thought he was honest.)

I've just had a reply from the salesman telling me he told me what he thought was the truth and didn't know about the change of conditions and would be getting back to me about this. So at least he is honest, and prepared to sort something out.

Although this company has one or two good people in it and I think their SEO is good (but not working for me and not affordable for me), the whole ethos is that customers are a pain in the neck and not important (except when it comes to paying.) They also like to foist hopeless, ill educated junior staff on customers during the design process and give the impression that you are stuck with that person no matter what.

I hope more of their customers tell them how awful the experience is, because no-one should have to go through the aggravation I've had.

I have felt like a hostage ever since being involved with them, and it's not a nice feeling. Having spent most of the week to date trying to get this sorted out, perhaps I should send them one of my own invoices.



If its just webhosting you need...

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then I would recommend Hostgator. They are based in the US, but their service is fast and professional, and they have been around for some time. I have been with them for over 5 years, and gradually moved my hosting over as each domain needed renewing. So I have a bunch of sites and domains hosted there now as part of the low monthly cost.

Some sites I created myself using regular html tools. Others were created for me. And on another domain, I am currently installing drupal CRM for a project. They offer a lot of services that can be installed automatically such as wordpress for blogs (or choice of others), Joomla for CRM (or choice of others), bulletin boards (several choices), ditto for e-commerce, wiki software and more.

They also offer a feature (included in cost) of submitting your sites regularly to the search engines including google, and advice on improving your results with automatic analysis.

Admittedly, this is no substitute for a real human to look over your site, but it does get results and it certainly sounds like an improvement on what you are currently receiving.

You should always expect to pay for good SEO. But really, anyone can make claims to getting you good search engine results. Clearly if your time is limited, you don't want the learning curve, but even the basics is quite simple to set up.Sometimes even a good blog using an appropriate template and/or plugin, will rank high in the search engines because things like meta tags get created automatically based on content.

I don't say you will have thousands of customers breaking down your door after using the hostgator service, but based on my own experience, you will definitely find your site in google within days.

Of course, I must admit to now being an affiliate for hostgator - but I like the service that I get from them, and it puts my two previous UK webhosts to shame.


one of the largest hosting companies

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is  I believe is 2.99 per annum.

For those who are reading this with the hope to learn something can I give you a little of my knowledge.

If you have a domain you should have it hosted independently of your website unless you are building the website.  The company providing your website will have their own servers and you can arrange for pointers from your domain to point at the website.  What this means is that you keep control of your domain and can change the pointers if you are having trouble and yu wont be held to ransome by the website provider.

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Hosting of domain names

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Thank you Paul, for what appears to be excellent advice on the separate hosting of domain names.

When I signed up to Titan Internet I saw an option for this, but being rather ignorant on what it would involve, ploughed on and let them host the domain name.

If I wanted to change that option, would I host the domain names on eg 1&1 in my own name, changing the pointers as you say?

I think that is what you are saying.

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The Most important thing about YOUR domain name

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THE most important thing about your domain name is the it is registered in YOUR (or your company's) name.  The domain registration company (1&1, Fasthosts, etc.) is somewhat irrelevant but it must be registered in your name. If it isn't, then it doesn't belong to you and potentially you have no control over it.

I handle domain names for my clients and I always ensure that the domains are registered correctly.

As has been pointed out, registration of domains can cost as little a few pounds for a 2 year period. The actual location of the web space is completely independant from any other aspect of the registration, as is the hosting of the email server.

I am currently moving a lot of my clients onto Microsoft's Exchangle On-line service because they then don't have to buy or manage their own server, I simply manage it all for them for a small monthly fee.

Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789

What Roger says

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is absolutely true but just because he is honest and above board others are not.

I was caught early on having the domain name in my own nams but hosted with my website.  When I wanted to end the arrangement a £120 fee suddenley arose.  It was justy not worth going to court and I wanted to move on so I paid up.

My original advise is to hold the domain with a different company from that which supplies your website or email servers.

To answer moonbean the correct word is records (my fault).  There are records for Website and different ones for email.  One points the record from your domain to your website. 

If someone can explain this more clearly please do.


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Domain records

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Thanks for that Paul.

The domain "records" or "pointers" refer to the IP addresses or URLs where your website and mail servers are located.

The two main records are the "A" record and the "MX" record.

The "A" record is the main location of your website. It points to the server that holds the files which display your web site when someone enters your domain in an internet browser.

The "MX" record (Mail eXchanger) is the record of the location of your main e-mail server.

Here is the "MX" record for my own domain :- mail is handled by

Essentially they are like the "post codes" for your email and web site.

Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789


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Make use of online review sites

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I know this is an old post but wanted to let people know how they can, at least, prevent other people from ending up with such bad customer service.

Simply use a review website to tell other people about bad (or good) service you have had - this might prompt the company in question to do something to improve their customer service. Perhaps if we all complained a bit more publicly improvements would be made by companies such as these.

If the company have a Google+ business page then you can add a review there, otherwise try reputable sites likes TrustPilot and ReferenceLine to rate the company.



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