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Please see for a more information and brief intro video.

Anyone using this software or have any views.

Interested in the facilty of sharing emails between users.



tobri | | Permalink

Sorry I haven't a clue what you are on about or how to respond in any meaningful way.


Doug112 | | Permalink

Looking briefly at the site, it seems it will do what a lot of the solutions out there will do. And when managing emails that will deliver significant benefits to you.

I don't know anything particularly about the system, the solution we provide will do similar things and more, but saving and indexing emails, then easily being able to retrieve and importantly, share the information is very useful.

Things to consider would be compliance, different types of emails and how they will be filed, indexing is also important, hopefully the system will be able to extract some of the data straight from the email message such as to, from, date leaving users to only input one or two index fields. Ease of use will be a major factor as this is key on user adoption, and it goes without saying to get the best from the system it has to be used in the correct manner! 


SPAM - Why

JC | | Permalink

Why are we being SPAMMED by this product - directly to our email addresses


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Are we JC ??

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