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VT / tax calc or Sage - can anyone reccomend accounts and tax software

Hi all,

This question has probably been asked a million times before, but can anyone reccommend a cost effective software solution for my practice.

I am looking for software to produce and file accounts and tax returns for up to 5 limited companies, a couple of patnerships and up to 25 sole traders.

I am pretty cost conscious at the moment as I've only just started up, but would rather get it right first time than keep spending small amounts on 'cheap' software.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

I have seen a trial version of tax calc which looks OK and have looked at VT for accounts production.  I've also considered Sage which would only cost me about £50 more than taxcalc and VT to get up and running.

All comments welcome guys!


Thanks in advance

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I use Ftax



May depend on eventual size of practice

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I started 2 years ago with Sage starter pack - client database, time records, accounts and tax, but as more accounts and tax licences have been needed Sage has become much more expensive, and so I am changing to VT and possibly Taxcalc.

The service from Sage has been excellent. They may be worthwhile for a larger practice, but I plan to remain a sole practitioner with no more than 100 clients, and not employ staff. For time records I prefer the flexibility of Excel so that I can write notes etc although I may consider an alternative if it is flexible, easy to operate and backup, and costs very little. 

VT and TaxCalc

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As recommended in countless other posts. Try doing a search of AnyAnswers. 

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VT Accounts and Taxcalc V Sage

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For the size of practice that you are at the moment, with room for expansion, I would certainly recommend VT Accounts (Excel Add-on) and Taxcalc.  We have now been with both for a few years and could recommend both (without any incentive).  As your client base increases, Sage would mean that their cost structure would make it expensive.  I also don't like the way that they have put up their prices (we also run Sage for a number of clients/accounts and payroll etc) on an annual basis, without consideration as to how we can recoup the fee from the client, so would steer clear of Sage for accounts prep.

Both VT and Taxcalc also have helplines so that you are not alone.


Good luck


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Take a look at the online solutions

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Please don't just think Sage. Take a look at the online accounting solutions. Whichever you chose would offer a much better way of collaborating with your clients, and much less IT hassle.

David Terrar

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ICPA / Diamond Discovery / Comprehensive Accounts

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If you're not already familiar with them, take a look at the ICPA where you'll find lots of useful information including "Diamond Discovery Software" (included with the ICPA membership) and Comprehensive Accounts Software which is linked to Diamond Discovery and can handle all the final accounts production and submissions.

Ian Vickers, MD of Diamond Discovery Software is very helpful and can give you all the information you require including trial copies of the software.

Contact details:

ICPA - 0800 074 2896
Diamond Discovery - 0845 223 2170

Please mention my company name if you contact them.

If I can help fuurther, please don't hesitate to ask.


Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789

Absolute Accounting

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These are new to the market and are ex PTP. Worth a look as user friendly software built around tagging.

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Digita Starter Pack

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With Digita you'll get an integrated solution at a reasonable price. Their solutions can be geared towards start ups but also offering a long term solution for you as your practice grows. Online filing is also a useful feature you'll get free with the package.

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