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iXBRL accounts review (Project 'iXV')

Welcome to the discussion group for AccountingWEB’s collaborative project with CoreFiling, codenamed 'iXV'.

iXV is a new online accounts review system that runs three types of tests on your (or your client's) iXBRL accounts:

  1. firstly, it checks that the accounts are in valid iXBRL format and use the correct iXBRL taxonomies;
  2. secondly, it checks for compliance with HMRC and Companies House Joint Filing Common Validation Checks (JFCVC);
  3. and thirdly, it will run a series of tagging, logic and arithmetic tests, which are unique to the AccountingWEB community.

Why not try it now? Head to ixv.accountingweb.co.uk to find out more and to see it in action!

We hope you find the service useful - but please do let us know if you:

  • spot any unexpected behaviour, bugs, and the like - and if you do, please post in the Technical hiccups thread
  • have ideas for new tests that can be added to iXV - please post your ideas in the AccountingWEB ruleset thread
  • can come up with a new name for iXV! - make your suggestions in the What's my name? thread

In our experience, nothing can beat the collective insights provided by AccountingWEB members; with your help we can devise a system that will make your life easier, save you time and money, and help to avoid tagging errors that might result in unnecessary HMRC attention.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Darren Falkingham on 0117 915 8632, or send a Private Message.

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