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How do I save a KashFlow report?

This may seem a dumb question (and it probably is!) but I cannot get it to work or find the answer. For example the P & L for the year, I click Download CSV, a box appears with the option to Save/Save as, the instructions imply I just save (to the client folder), but nothing is saved. The file type is All Files (*,*). Just nothing happens. Help, please.

I cannot email KashFlow because the email is set to an employee of the company and he may not pass on the reply for days.

Other than this problem, as a first time user, it was easy to tidy up the chart of accounts, do a few adjustments and complete the accounts ready for VT. As an accountant, on the chart of accounts I find "Area" and the 3 types of transactiona a bit strange, for example Debtors Control is set to Bank Transaction Type - is that right? - the end result is ok.

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Savings Reports

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What Browser are you using? When opening csv reports from Kashflow from from internet explorer I think you have the option of opening direct to Excel. You can then save from there.

Yes as an accountant the 3 transaction types does not make perfect sence. The system can be locked down so that sales types can be only accessed from sales invoices, purchase types from purchase invoices and bank types from moneyin/moneyout. I think the idea is to prevent mispostings from clients (non accountants). However as you sometime need to access the same account from both the sales/purchase ledger and bank I normally disable that option.

Saving Reports

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IE 9, Business Vista, Norton 360 Premier. When I click download CSV a box appears: Do I want to save report? Options are Save, Save as (nothing is saved - all that happens is that the file name is highlighted), and Save and open, which is greyed out - I guess that is the problem - no option to open with Excel as you suggest. Any suggestions please?

KashFlow CSV reports do not work with Internet Explorer 9

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This was the cause of the problem, which is rather disappointing as IE 9 has been available for some time. Kashflow are investigating.

KashFlow CSV reports and Internet Explorer 9

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The answer (from another software provider who knew the answer immediately) In IE 9 go to Tools, internet options, advanced, security, untick Do not save encrypted pages to disk.

A bit disappointing that KashFlow did not know or come back to me on this after a week.

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