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Reviews of Logical Office in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months

I am a new user of Logical Office. I will be sharing my experience of I how am finding LO over the next few months.

The reviews will be in

- End of  August

- End Of November

- End of Feb 2011

- End May 2011

You may have already seen my first month review.

In the mean time feel free to raise questions an post comments.

Anyone tried Microsoft Office 2010 with LO? If so how did this go? I am really interested to in Outlook 2010 because it groups emails in conversation. One of the downside of all CRM systems I have looked at - where client emails are  filed automatically to client file/account, even the more mundane email are filed. For example "thank you for your response" emails. This does fill the document area with emails.

I am hoping LO developers do something by looking at the conversation grouping of emails of Outlook 2010 to somehow get around this. So I would have a choice only to have the one final mail with all the conversation. Rather than 5 separate exhange of emails on the same topic. This really would be a big help. Any views?



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Just wondering how you got on with logial office. We ae thinking of investing in the system and it would be helful to have the benefit of your experience.

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