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Another ex-MP pleads guilty

Elliot Morley, a former Labour MP and government minister, has pleaded guilty to false accounting in connection with expenses claims in the region of £32,000 over several years.

He is due to be sentenced next month. In monetary terms this is the biggest parliamentary expenses fraud to come before the courts.  An immediate prison sentence looks a racing certainty.

Already convicted, or having pleaded guilty, are ex-MPs David Chaytor, Eric Ilsley and Jim Devine and peer Lord Taylor.


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billgilcom | | Permalink

I suppose that it was because of criminals like this that they saw fit to include the exemption from the disguised remuneration legislation for MP's What a cheek and what a dead giveaway. Once again we have one rule for the minions and one for the legislators


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Sentenced to 16 months

davidwinch | | Permalink

Elliot Morley has today been sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.


How the mighty have fallen

Stephen Morris | | Permalink

 Four down, 646 to go.

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You cant tell me they didnt know what they were doing

Donald2000 | | Permalink

This is the home of the legislature of this country. They have books of rules and a dedicated expenses staff to guide them over what and what not to claim. If they still dont do the right thing even after all the protection they have to get it right then they deserve to be prosecuted. They even had the cheek to say that they should not be prosecuted in public by only in parliament. Their audacity is shocking in the extreme. Whats even more hurtful is that these people have the cheek to pass money laundering legislation. Pot, kettle, black, is the term that comes to mind.

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Out of prison

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I understand Mr Morley is now out of prison under licence on a home detention curfew.


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