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Beware of this clever new scam

I have just been told of a clever new scam - and I thought I should share it with you.

Your telephone company phones you to say that you have an outstanding bill and they are about to cut you off.

You, of course, have no such outstanding bill - and you tell them so.  The caller insists that your phone is about to be cut off.  Notwithstanding your protestations he tells you that since you have failed to pay he is now cutting you off.  THEN YOUR PHONE GOES DEAD!

You cannot call anyone, there is no dial tone.

A few minutes later he calls you again to give you one last chance to pay.  You agree and give him your credit / debit card number and security details.

BINGO!!   He can now use these details (or sell them on) to make fraudulent purchases on your card.

The caller is not from your phone company, but he has used a simple trick to give you the impression that your phone has been cut off.  (There is an easy way of doing this - but I don't want to publish it on the net!)

These scammers are very persuasive.  Don't be fooled.




Thanks David

Anonymous | | Permalink

Is all this crime the only thing that is keeping the economy going ? I wonder ?

After all it must still contribute to the circulation of money ! Added to which we are all being forced to use electronic means that are unsafe and assist the criminals.

In the meantime insurance companies take the opportunity of selling another product to protect you when the bank can no longer keep your money safe.

No wonder the politicians think Crime is a good thing for the economy.


Anonymous | | Permalink

Had this experience whereby the caller said I owed an amount on a credit card.

Honestly, I don't even own a credit card nor an account with that very bank. The scam sounds familiar with the one just mentioned. 

Thing is this happened on the opposite side of the globe.

Old News

m_joseph | | Permalink

 Heard of this scam a while ago as a friend of mine fell victim to this.

It really ticks me off and needs to be dealt with before even more victims are scammed!!


callumbus | | Permalink

Just out of interest - how were the company able to make your phone go dead? if the scammer hadn't called back would the line automatically be restored somehow, sometime?

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A simple trick

davidwinch | | Permalink

The scammer uses a simple trick to make it appear that your phone has been disconnected.

But it's so simple I don't want to advertise how it is done just in case someone reads this and uses it to rip people off!


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