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Company dissolved with tax owed to HMRC

There is a discussion going on on the UKBF accountants group about a company where there is tax owed to HMRC. The company did the correct 652 procedure, (it was some time ago). HMRC appear to have let it slip through the net and it has been dissolved. What are the MLR implications (if any).


Also I have had a situation recently where a company, which had already ceased trading was dissolved for non submission of AR. HMRC are still sending out estimated CT demands. Final accounts were never completed. Again, comments would be appreciated.


frankly i owuldnt bother with any ML witha struck off company

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complete waste of time

regarding the other company just tell them (HMRC)  that it was struck off and ask them to stop sending any other info to the company



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Agree about not wasting time

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Agree about not wasting time, but are there any specific MLR requirements? Presumably if HMRC thought there was enough tax at stake they could go through the reinstatement procedure

Common Practice

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This seems to be quite common. I would report as could well be a tax fraud motive!  does not hurt anyone but covers ones butt. We have seen it done deliberately quite a few times with no ill effect.

HMRC do not seem to be concerned about missing tax and this sort of evasion is almost sanctioned.

Defies belief really!

to cver ones butt

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fair enough just shows the law is an ass


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Asses & Donkeys

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fair enough just shows the law is an ass

Posted by carnmores on Wed, 24/03/2010 - 15:42


Of course the law's an ass - just look at the load of Donkeys in parliament who make it.



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