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Consolidated lists of financial sanctions targets

This list is mentioned in the con doc on terrorist asset freezing.

Is this the list of individuals that the state has decided we should not do business with ? ( I first heard mention of this on an IFA website, but on phoning SOCA  no such list existed).

The article mentioned the UK financial sanctions regime (FSR) and reported that 1400 individuals and 500 entities were on the list, and suggested that imprisonment was the punishment if business was done with these individuals.

It would be useful to have this list.

Should we check every new client against this list ?

Has anyone found this list ?

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Website page

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Have a look at the documents accessible from


Thanks David

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Thanks David that has put my mind at rest.

I do not have any Iraqi or Burmese clients.

Nothing to worry about then ! Makes interesting reading though.

I was a bit surprised to see all the Burmese on the list, including supreme court judges.

Looks like Burmas next on the list for regime change.

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My new client is a chap called Bin Laden, his address is third c

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Really, is it me, or is this government totally stupid?

If the list is not freely available to anyone who needs to be aware, then how can they prosecute anyone for trading with a banned person?  How are we supposed to know?

Personally I'd rather have Mr Bin Laden as a client, than have an MP. I'd hate to think my bill was being claimed on expenses.  (Doesnt that also constitute money laundering? - Shouldn't MPs have all their assewts seized under their own rules?).

worry not

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Afganistan is not on the list and I did not see bin laden either ! odd that

Sadams daughters are though, must be guilt by association. Not that they had any choice in the matter.

You will perhaps be ok with Osama !  next question does he pay his bills on time ?

High risk

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Put him down as high risk.

and ask for an extra piece of ID (telephone bill)

It is a bit mad is it not ?

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Off topic, I know, but

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As it happens if the MPs and peers are convicted then at least some of them will be deemed to have a 'criminal lifestyle' as they will meet one of the criteria of s75 PoCA 2002 (the one about at least 4 offences and having obtained at least £5,000).

They would then have the value of all their assets at risk in confiscation proceedings.

However one would hope they have kept detailed records to show the source of all their receipts and payments and assets as from legitimate sources!


The law

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should apply to all and justice should be seen to be done !

MPs being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law is our only safeguard in these laws.

Do as you would be done by ! may be a good thing for MP's to consider when voting on terror invoking legislation.

After all you cannot criticise a man who belives his rules should also apply to him, and this is the test.

4 offences and you are out ? I wonder

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Is this the real reason behind the required reporting of trivial but criminal offences ?

As in 4 little ones that add up means we can take you for the big one we suspect but can't prove.

O dear you don't have any records !

Whoops !

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Usama is on the list no 112.

Appears to have 6 dates of birth.

he will have to get a fake passport from the mossad !


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who knows

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You will perhaps be ok with Osama !  next question does he pay his bills on time ?

Posted by kalden on Tue, 06/04/2010 - 15:48


I don't know, I've never asked him to pay. His previous accountant send him an overdue reminder and was mysteriously blown up. 

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