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A great decade for crime and money laundering

What a great decade the 'noughties' has been for crime and money laundering!

Kicking off with Enron, moving through carousel VAT fraud, and ending with Bernie Madoff - major financial crime has had a barnstorming decade.

On the regulation front we have had the introduction of major new legislation in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Money Laundering Regulations 2003 and the updating and revision of these by a plethora of new Acts and Regulations.

One small indication of the significance of money laundering and other crime to accountants in practice is the popularity of this discussion group.  Ten years ago would you have had any interest in a discussion group in this field?

Now it may be that you do not regard any of these developments as positive.

But before you get too gloomy before Christmas, one undeniably positive development in the 'noughties' has been the development of useful and free online sources of information.

So, let's hear it for AccountingWEB!




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Were the floods, famine, war, pestilence and Death. Corrupt Governments, a general increase in taxes blamed on C02 's or was that CH4's. One should always look on the bright side of life ! we have moved forward at least global warming is man made and not about God otherwise that would be an excuse for another war !

I am so happy I could Cry !

pass the meths !

A genuine Happy Christmas (sorry winter holiday) anyway to you David.

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