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Money Laundering the Land Registry Way

I have just had to complete Form ID1 Cerificate of an Indenity for a Private individual.

Accordi9ng to the form this is to stop identity theft.  For those who had not seen the form it is basically required when a transfer of property, morgages etc takes place. I had to provide my passport so that a solicitor could confirm that he had seen it a futherr photo and a statement. Otherwise it was a photo drivers licence or two types of id utility bill,coucil tax bill plastic card with Mastercard, Visa etc logo on it.

To say that I am dismayed at what I view as a waste of time. Nothing that I did could not be easity forged so why are Govenment departments not expected to use the same levels of checking as the rest of us



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Fraudulent Land Registry transactions

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Unfortunately the Land Registry has found that fraudsters have been trying register fake transactions at the Land Registry - either transfers of property or secured borrowings.

Most transactions go through a solicitor or similar professional who has registered with the Land Registry as an agent.

However some transactions are registered directly by private individuals.  In that case the Land Registry seek confirmation of the identity of the individual.  The Land Registry may make further checks independently before registering the transaction.

Of course documents can be forged and the checks may fail to detect a fake transaction - but the Land Registry checks are intended to deter and detect fraud.

Are making the point that you could easily obtain a fake passport?


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Paying for "quality"

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Are making the point that you could easily obtain a fake passport?



Posted by davidwinch on Thu, 28/10/2010 - 11:58


Just to enlighten you David - the going rate for a false passport is between £200 - £400.  I would recommend the £400 "quality" ones. :).  

Seriously, this is a massive problem all of course connected to illegal immigration, sham weddings, etc etc. and the criminal classes are never slow to seize on a "business opportunity".  In fact I sometimes think they could teach genuine businesses a thing or two about how to organise and run an efficient business - although perhaps some of their "disciplinary proceedures" probably wouldnt quite stand up to scrutiny.



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Fake passports etc

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Yes I agree fake passports are easy enough to purchase - some of my clients have more identities than I have fingers!  But a fake passport could be used to make a Land Registry transaction through a solicitor, just as much as going direct to the Land Registry - so I didn't quite 'get' what point the OP was trying to make.

A good quality fake ought to pass undetected by most solicitors and accountants - but the key to spotting a fake, in my view, is not the quality of the forged document it is the behaviour of the person who presents it to you.  What is this new client wanting you to help him do? Does that make sense in the context?

In other words try to spot the fake person not the fake document!


fake passport etc

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The point I was trying to make is that the Land REgistry should be using a better system than this.  In deed I am not sure of the real benefits of it to stop Fraud.

If we as accountants have to work much harder to satisfy MLR I think that a Government department should have at least the same standards.  Not becuase I feel sore about MLR (I am not) but the weakest point in any system is where the abuse starts.

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