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Straw poll - how long would you wait to notify?

I'm sure we've all been in the situation where a director has either accidentally or deliberately charged private expenditure to the company and a little more or less persuasion is needed to get them to do the decent thing .

Some clients accept your advice gracefully and thank you for bringing a "book keeping oversight" to their attention. Others are less cooperative and some are downright sulky, particularly when past years are involved, but most usually agree to make the appropriate adjustments in the end.

How long is it reasonable to wait for a director to see the light before you start drafting your report ?




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I wouldnt

cymraeg_draig | | Permalink

I would prepare the accounts with the neccesary adjustments made to correct the situation.  He then has a choice, sign the accounts and accept the correction, or clear off to another accountant.



Stephen Morris | | Permalink

That seems to be most ethical soluition to the problem.

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