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Updating CDD

I have a corporate client which I do occasional ad hoc work for. I have just been requested to carry out some work for them for the first time for about a year. I therefore need to carry out CDD.

I am informed the main individuals (shareholders and directors) involved have not changed and I hold ID information on them from previous occasions as well as the company. I understand the business and the work is low key - in fact it is highly unlikly I will see any accounting data or information.

It seems to me that, if I do a Company search to confirm that the Directors and shareholders are indeed unchanged, that should be sufficient to update the CDD. Is that too simple an approach or do I need to reconfirm the identity of the individuals?




no change

Anonymous | | Permalink

I recall you can see a list of documents submitted on the web (at cos house), which may confirm that there have been no changes.

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Keep it simple!

davidwinch | | Permalink

If you are satisfied that the information which you hold still represents the current position then there is no need to re-perform ID exercises on the same individuals.


Thank you

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Thanks to you both.

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