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Working with the media

From time to time I have the pleasure of working with investigative journalists and others in the media.  And it is a pleasure - though unfortunately I do not command the remuneration of Jonathan Ross!

Although the Press generally get a bad press my experience has been that the people I have worked with have been extremely competent and careful.  They are, like most auditors, very precise in their use of words and not prone to throwing off unsupportable damaging innuendos.

Of course not every reporter may be as careful and correct as the investigative journalists with whom I have worked, but I can only speak from my experience.

Equally I am used to presenting sometimes complex financial information, and my own opinions, to non-accountants in the course of my forensic work in criminal cases.  Those skills come in handy when dealing with journalists who do not have a financial background.

The latest matter in which I have been involved is an investigation by the BBC Radio 4 Money Box programme into a claims management company, Cartel Client Review Ltd.  Money Box has aired items on this company in a couple of recent editions.  The latest report is summarised in an article on the BBC website at

It's an ongoing story and one that will be of interest to anyone who has used a claims management company to attempt to have a credit card debt or mortgage declared unenforceable.


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You've been lucky

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You're experiences have been better than ours.  On fraud cases they probably send their "more intelligent" journalists, but try representing someone accused of rape or similar and the kind of journalism sinks to a level somewhere around the sewer.

I've had clients tried and convicted in the press long before the jury has heard half the evidence.

I therefore never give interviews to the press regardless of the outcome of a case and strongly advise clients to also ignore the press.  More than once I have seen innocent men, acquitted by the courts, and then still destroyed by sensationalist stories in the press.


As regards claims management companies, these companies are, in my opinion, simply opportunists who prey on vulnerable people.  Indeed I would class them alongside my own pet hate, debt collection companies, most of whom behave in a disgraceful and more often than not, illegal manner.


Now, you may have been on the "Beeb" - but can you match my achievement ?  Have you got a Blue Peter Badge :)  Now admit it, you're jealous.







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Now I am envious!

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A Blue Peter badge!!!

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Blue Peter

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Nothing to do with work I hasten to add.

Was on there, about 30 years ago, to do with the work I did with a dog based charity.

I just knew you'd be envious :)


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There have been developments in the news concerning the position of Cartel Client Review Ltd.

The Ministry of Justice have today suspended the company's authorisation to carry on business as a claims management company.

A BBC report is at


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Nice one David.

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 I have a natural loathing of these companies who prey on the most vulnerable members of society who can least afford to be conned.  I see no difference between these firms and the "work from home stuffing envelopes" scams.

Now if only we can encourage a clamp down on the debt collection industry - another industry filled with unscrupulous vermin.  

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