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A wish list

What would you like to see changed in Opera?

For me, it's the little things that count. For example, isn't it about time that Pegasus added a little consistency between modules? There are a number, but one of my pet bugbears is [F6] will start a new invoice in POP but its opposite, a credit note, if you're in the Purchasing module.

Can't see the logic, personally.


Unallocation process

andy.mars | | Permalink

It can be done in foxpro, but why isn't there an option to amend or remove an allocated payment in the purchase or sales ledger ?

The people I work with aren't bad, but they're not perfect all of the time !



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Reversing an allocation

PegasusExpert | | Permalink

Reversing an allocation is a common enough question from Pegasus users, however, it is not as simple as one may think.  Consider that there may be multiple allocations against any one transaction, that payments/receipts may themselves be part allocated, that transaction retention settings may not allow it, that use of Balance Forward accounts may not allow it etc.  On top of that what about using advanced posted allocations? foreign currency loss/gain adjustments etc. 

I can imagine that to provide for reversing allocations would place a considerabled demand on the application, however, maybe it could be done on a reduced scope basis ... i.e. if the above scenarios don't apaply?


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AlanBourke | | Permalink

Hi Diarmaid!

Absolutely right, although I think Corrin Software or similar might offer a bespoke solution.


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Corrin to the rescue indeed

RogerNeale | | Permalink

Hi Andy,

Indeed, as Alan said, there is a module that Corrin have produced that will do the trick for you.

See http://www.corrin.co.uk/product.asp?group=PEGASUS&productgroup=OPERAII&product=SDAOII I'm sure you'll find it's just what you need.


Roger Neale
Business Systems Consultant

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Reversing an allocation - De-Allocating

gavinspence | | Permalink

This is now available in Opera 3 as standard !

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