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Is marketing at the epicentre of your firm?

Having recently presented two days on strategic marketing for 13 partners from 8 firms I'm facinated by the challenge firms face when installing marketing practices into their firms. The workshop format meant we spent lots of time discussing challenges and frustrations and difficulties. And working towards solutions for the firms present.

Because partners are managing many things - their team - their client relationships - their review deadlines - their workflow plans - their finances - their fellow partners - and so on - they lose focus on what matters most. And like Stephen Covey (of 7 habits fame) has a habit of saying... "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!"

So what's the main thing?

Peter Drucker (uber guru of the business world) suggests:  “Marketing is not a function…it is the whole business seen from the customers point of view”. And at the end of the workshop I asked all present to name their highlight of the two days.

A focuss on their firm from their customers view point was the most common response. This will entail the firms looking closely at improving all processes within the firm so they get better from the customers point of view. And also helping all their team appreciate they all play a role in marketing the firm. They are all part-time marketers!

Not a small task i agree but one worthy of notice and definitely 'the main thing'. Are you focussed on process improvement and people improvement  from your customers' point of view? Do you have diary time allocated to these two vital practice improvement strategies - process and people improvement from your customers point of view?

I know it's a bit like stating the bleeding obvious but are you?

Would you let me know your thoughts and insights?

Paul Shrimpling

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