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More fees, more clients from better partner processes...

This week saw me visit a firm who have implemented a new monthly process in their firm.

It's already responsible for £14,000 of new fees.

This new process has generated more than £14,000 in new fees from new clients in less than 8 weeks. It's also lined up several other appointments with prospects in the coming weeks.

Because it's only 8 weeks the process they have run only twice. Naturally they are now committed to the monthly process given the success so far.

And it's anything other than rocket science...

Once a month the three partners diligently discuss their list of introducers and what action MUST be taken this month to nurture those relationships. It might be a call, a coffee or a conversation over lunch. They simply get connected systematically every month with some of the introducers on their list. Something every firm can do and arguably (on this evidence) should do.

Yes it is likely the meetings over the last 8 weeks have simply captured the 'low hanging fruit' available through these contacts but even so it was worthwhile (£14K+).

what's your monthly process for forcing you to keep and build worthwhile relationships with your list of introducers?

Paul Shrimpling

Managing Director of  and author of 'The 7 Big Mistakes Accountants Make And How To Avoid Them'

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