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Credit Control Package for QuickBooks

Does anyone know of any good (but reasonably cheap) Credit Control packages that can be "added on" to QuickBooks?



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Do you work in a large business and therefore need additional software to undertake credit control?  I have worked in business with T/O £7M and used the reports within Quickbooks to stay on top of debtors.  Quickbooks is the best package for producing reports you want - easily!


QuickBooks Credit Control

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No, it's not a large organisation but it does have £30,000 of aged debt spread over 300 customers which makes it quite awkward to manage.

Ideally, I'd like something that captures the dates of when we send statements, reminder letters etc and prompts us to go to the next stage x number of days later. QuickBooks can't do this (unless I'm missing something??).

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yes it can

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in a number of ways

you can have an automatic statement run by email or post eavry month - you can keep tab of this easily

you can mail merge letters and leave when you send them out you can put a message in the customer file under notes

another way to stay ontop is to sump all o/s invoices into excel, they should be already sorted the use sort to list them by date and amount for further analysis if rewuired tho you can sort them simply in the aged drs report by amount by going to the sort button and using 'by total'

dont waste your time with an expensive add on

etc etc


Still looking....

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These are the sorts of things we are already doing but it's not particularly efficient.

The notes are useful as are the letters, but there's nothing that gives a good robust timely process.

This is why I'm looking for some kind of add on to Quickbooks.

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Answer via Twitter

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I tweeted this query and got the following response from @Creditcontrol:

"Credit Control and Debt Recovery Services. If you would like to get you invoices paid faster, give us a call 020 7100 5978"

The outfit appears to be a credit control outsource. This post is not an endorsement of their services by, but they might be worth asking too. Good luck with your quest and let us know how you get on.

Add on QuickBooks - credit conrtol

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It is doubtful you will get the flexability and the control from any off the self QB addon without doing some work. It depends if you just want additional flexible external reporting and/or data manipulation.

You need to be careful with QB add-ons as many only work with the US or Canadian versions. The VAT module  in the UK and Irish versions means the database structure is slightly different.

I would suggest the QODBC driver from This provides a standard ODBC driver for Quickbooks.The basic version (£125) allows you to query data directly from Excel, MS Access, any SQL or Crystal reports. The QODBC Read/write version (£175) also allows you to modify data in QB. If you already have MS Office Pro then with the MS Access database, you already have all the flexability you should need.

QSoftware and their parent have been making data and reporting addons the different versions of QB for many years. They also do QReportbuilder (£249) which can produce almost any report from QB.

Good Luck


CG Associates


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That's great stuff Chris, thank you!

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