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Exporting Data from QB

I have a client who is migrating from QB Pro (v6 on the opening screen) to Sage Instant (v16).

Sage has an Import function for Excel and CSV files, but when I went to QB all I could find is an Export function that produces IIF files.

I only need to do this for the customer and supplier records to save re-entering them in the new system. Csan this be done?

Yonder Dave



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Export from QB

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Hi Dave

This is not a problem - an iif file is merely a spreadsheet file laid out in a particular way

If you export (from the file menu) the lists you want (for simplicity I would do lots of individual exports rather than one mass export) you can open them in excel and reformat deleting the QB specific entries. Use save as to save them in a native csv or excel format as appropriate.

The only thing to note is that v6 is very old now - so don't attempt to run on vista or later!!


Export from QB

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Thanks Mike

I will try that next time I visit.

Regards, Dave

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